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Food and Nutrition

We are a small setting, and currently do not employ a dedicated cook. Providing good food and nutrition is the concern of all staff and is an extension of all the other care and education pathways they provide for your child. Miss King takes the lead in organising the example menus for the cooked teas, and each member of staff takes a turn in creating the meals.

All of our supplies are bought from Tesco's using the online service. This allows us to be consistent with what we order and have the order delivered reliable at a time that is not disruptive to the setting.

We provide food for the children to have as snack throughout the sessions which the children will prepare and serve themselves. Parents supply a packed lunch for those children staying for lunch.

In addition, some children will stay for tea which is cooked and prepared on site by a member of staff. The current weekly menus and allergy information can be found here.

When you completed the registration paperwork, you were asked for any allergies or dietary restrictions your child may have. Please ensure we are told if this information changes. A list of all the dietary needs is checked at each meal time. Please also remember that the setting is nut-free.

A list of all the products we buy can be downloaded. The list includes all products we have bought in a particular year and detailed information about nutritional values and ingredients can be found on the Tesco website ( Each time, an order is placed any new items are added to this master list (this began 7 March 2016) , with the process re-starting in January.

Shopping Lists