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Let's have Fun

When term is over, your child can still come to the School. Our Holiday Club weeks offer a more relaxed atmosphere with the emphasis on having fun.
Each week is themed, so there will also be some learning opportunities.

Older past-pupils are also most welcome.

reading in a tree

Reading in the story tree


Exploring nature

Playing in leaves

Leaves and Fun

Park climbing

It's Summer Time

The gardens are looking the best, with lots of flowers and wildlife. The weather should be good, with the sun shining. We have been working hard all year - now lets explore, and play some great games. Better have some spare dry clothes!

Student in front of blackboard

Our Themes...

In previous years the themes have been:

  • The seasons
  • Colours of the Rainbow
  • The continents

Students at a computer

Team work

You bet! The older children will help the younger ones and with the teachers there will be a group project that may span all the weeks. This may be building a bug hotel; or making preparations for the new chickens.

World map

Enjoy the World

Whether you want to climb the tree or the climbing wall. Or collect many different types of leaves. Or feed the fish and then paint a picture of them. And have a race then help bake some cakes. So much to do!

Age range

The Holiday Club caters for children from three upto 11 years old, and offers an eclectic mix of activities across a number of themes.


Particular use is made of the extensive gardens and outdoor spaces of the School.

Reserve your place

If you are interested, let the School Office know, and more details can be sent at the appropriate time.

Students at a computer


We try to offer the flexibility parents need whilst balancing this with the stability that most benefits the children. To this end we offer the following start and end times:

  • earliest drop off: 08:00,
  • latest pick up: 18:00


The fees are competitive with other private schools and nurseries in Derby and the surrounding area, and are designed to be as affordable as possible to ensure all those that want to can participate.


There is currently no government funding for these sessions, but we have tried to keep the rates as low as possible.