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The Children's House and children accessing a free 2 year old government funded place follow an academic school year. The length of the school year is approximately 39 weeks spread over three terms. Terms vary in length as they are heavily influenced by how Christmas and Easter fall in any given year. Each term contains a one week 'half-term' break during which the class is closed. The classes are also closed for approximately two weeks at both Christmas and Easter and for just over six weeks in the summer.

Optional extra care is available both after school and during the holidays up to the 48 weeks that the Toddler Community is open.

We run a Summer Club for four weeks in the summer which is open to all children aged between 3 and 11 years whether they are students at the school or not. Information leaflets are available at the end of the spring term.

Children's House and Funded 2-year olds 2018-19

Summer Term 2019

Tuesday 30th April to Wednesday 24th July inclusive
Half term: w/c 27th May

Summer Club 2019 (optional for 3-11 year olds)

Thursday 25th July to Friday 16th August inclusive.

Closed Dates

The School is closed:

- 20th Aug - 4th Sept 2018 inc.
- 24th Dec - 7th Jan 2019 inc.
- 19th Apr - 29th Apr 2019 inc.
- Monday 6th May 2019
- Monday 27th May 2019

Follow link to download:
2017-18 School calendar
2018-19 School calendar